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App is Broken

In iOS 8.4 the App has no audio and displays the error "Audiobus initialization problem" on launch.

Flamenco guitarist

Very useful and handy for my music in flamenco. I like it !

Love it

This is a very useful tool for flamenco guitar students. I find the clock representation to be helpful when trying to learn tricky rhythms. By visualizing where what I am playing falls around the accents I can transition quickly to feeling where things should go by listening. It's a relatively expensive app, but for me it's been totally worth it.

Good compas

Works as described, try plugging your iPhone into a small amplified/external speaker though to hear it better when playing. For the Dev: The new app icon is terrible, used to look nice, now is ugly - please change this.

Best Flamenco Metronome

The third one I've tried. Wish it was the first. Way more features and flexibility. Love it!

Fantastic flamenco metronome, mucho aire

I play the guitar and this app is just what I needed. I hardly use solo compas anymore, the ability to control the tempo makes this more useful, and you can get a very rich sound. The addition of Jaleo is fun but gets boring quickly... This is a must have App for anyone slightly interested in flamenco.

Good features...but...

This app has great features but is not nearly loud enough, especially for flamenco! This app works ok on the iPad but closes periodically. I have my ipad's volume all the way up, the settings volume all the way up in the app, and I still cannot hear the metronome over my guitar. I have to plug this into speakers or a preamp to get decent volume...kinda ruins the point for rice on the go. Good features for a flamenco based metronome aside from the volume. 14 dollars...I don't know if i would have paid knowing it was so quiet. Otherwise, I like it.


A must have for flamenco players!

best flamenco metronome out there

this app makes practice so much more fun. i've been using it everyday until the batteries die. forget about solo compas cd's where you can't get the exact tempo or rhythm you want. this app is so diverse and useful. i've tried a number of different metronomes. this is the best metronome for flamenco available. bottom line, get it, you won't regret it. ;)

Puede llegar una buena herramienta para Músicos Profesionales!

Excelente idea!! Tiene un buen sistema para buscar nuevos ritmos. Sería ideal que mejoraran la calidad de los sonidos y que se incluyeran sonidos reales. Añadir la posibilidad de sonidos simultáneos. Perfecto si funcionara como un drum machine. Definitivamente esos arreglos le darian un valor incalculable.

Good for Gun Range

My local gun range only allows 1 shot per 2 seconds. I set the metronome, and it vibrates in my pocket so I know how quickly I can fire! Too expensive for this use though... :(

Not good for pro gigs

I was looking for something to have in the background while I played my Nylon string at gigs. I'm sure it could be good for other applications but not for me. There was not enough to pick from and the sounds were not good.

Great app

Very nice considing that I could only find 1 other flamenco metronome for 300 dollars!! -- I would really appreciate if you could add an option for the clock hand to jump from numbers instead of smoothly running like a clock! It is much easier to use it then. I would love you for it:) -- Then this would be the best app onthe store!


I had great expectations here but so far the only sound Im getting is an annoying vibrate, no palmas, drums or other 25 sounds promised. Also the vibration is not in beat with the clock!. Last the slider to increase tempo does not work. I am waiting a response from Tiv studios for a fix but right at this moment I feel like I just threw 10 bucks out of the window.

Great Application!

Who would think that a flamenco compas would be available in my favorite geeky techi fun tool, my iPhone. Well I took a chance and searched anyway and couldn't believe what I found. So far I am 100% satisfied with the app. I would gladly accept any updates (start button-ahem), but this Flamenco guitarist gives it a 5 star rating. I haven't spent enough time to create my own compas and right now am only using the beats, but thats the beauty of this program, it has many possibilities. For now I will use it as a handy Bulerias compas' metronome, tomorrow - who knows...

Great Application!!

I am a flamenco dance instructor and this app has completely gotten rid of my need for the Solo Compas CDs. It's fully customizable, so you can add cajon, different styles of palmas and more! You can even layer the different instruments so that you get a very rich sound. I have been able to add Jaleo, and a FANTASTIC Solea por Buleria and I'm planning on adding even more. I have already used this in my dance classes by plugging my phone into our sound system. It's even better that you can slow down and speed up the tempo!! Wonderful tool! Other flamenco metronomes go for $200+! This is a steal and well worth the $10!!! The only way I could think of it improving is by offering a feature that allows you to increase the tempo gradually so that students can work on subidas and general speed increases.

Great, totally worth it!

I'm not a flamenco player, and this app is totally great. It comes with many useful rhythms I can practice playing along with, like swing and rock. And the clock display of the rhythm pattern is fabulous, really lets me know where I am in the bar and not lose myself. Nicely done.

Awesome! Great tool.

Fantastic app. A great flamenco metronome at an unbeatable price. It comes with several variants of all flamenco rhythms and quite a few non-flamenco rhythms and to program your own rhythm pattern is a breeze. The vibrate feature is awesome, I can put the phone in my pocket while playing and be exactly on compas.

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